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Squires Oriental Medical Arts Clinic

Entry to SOMA

SOMA is located in rural Bladen County on the beautiful Black River. Pender and Bladen counties are made up of country homes and miles of farmland growing corn, cotton, soy beans, blueberries, grapes and fields of grazing cows and horses.

Ivanhoe sometimes feels like a step back in time. Most people find that driving here is a chance to slowly unwind from the stress of highways, traffic and congestion. Ivanhoe is the kind of place that a traffic jam is usually the result of two cars held up behind a tractor.

Barbara Squires renovated a century and a half old house, formally known as the "Corbett House", specifically to house her home office and clinic.

The setting of this 200 acre parcel of nature creates an atmosphere of quiet, serenity and peace that is enhanced by the sounds of birds and the wind that blows across the fields and through the hundreds of trees that surround the clinic.

Barbara Squires, Ph.D., L.Ac. - Diplomate In Acupuncture - Licensed Acupuncturist