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Hours and Cost for Squires Oriental Medical Arts

Tuesday - Saturday

Please Call to Set-Up an Appointment


Your first visit to the clinic will begin with an "Intake" followed by a short therapeutic massage, heat therapy (if necessary) and approximately 20 minutes under the acupuncture needles. The Intake process follows a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach which involves tongue and pulse diagnosis along with a question and answer period that helps the practitioner "connect the dots" for assessing the best approach for your treatment.

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Acupuncture needles are hair fine and most patients claim they do not even feel them when they are inserted. The needles are packaged in individually sealed packets and are used only once and disposed so there is never any chance for contamination. Your treatment may also include other modalities such as moxibustion, cupping, as well as recommendations for herbal, nutritional and dietary therapy.

For your first treatment, please plan to schedule between an hour to an hour an a half for the intake process and actual acupuncture treatment. Any type of clothing is fine to wear and it is not necessary to fast but it is recommended that you at least have a light snack before treatment.

The first visit will be $100, and any follow-up visit will be $75. You do not have to plan on scheduling as much time for the follow-up visit as you did for the first session. SOMA does not file insurance but if you do have insurance that covers acupuncture (most insurance companies do these days) we can give you a "Super Bill" which you can submit directly to your Insurance provider for them to reimburse you directly.

SOMA does offer Senior Citizen discounts.

Barbara Squires, Ph.D., L.Ac. - Diplomate In Acupuncture - Licensed Acupuncturist